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What people have said about Sue

The Observer

…Some will inevitably get lost in the crowd, a fate I sincerely hope does not befall Sue McCreeth… Outstanding...  The charm of her style lies in the clear, modest simplicity and grace with which she brings off quite daunting musical feats …an element of ethereal calm… a charming and exquisitely performed set… a cool, misty kind of voice and a style which invites rather than insists on attention… her own ‘Only Here’ and Chick Corea’s ‘500 Miles High’ are outstanding.

The Guardian

A gently unconventional performer… an excellent trio… they guaranteed a quietly compelling momentum in a variety of originals and standards… a rich mid-register, falsettos and deep purrs, payoffs on barely audible murmurs…  calmly inventive… boldly ambitious… she has imagination and heart… McCreeth applies her plush mid-range and rhythmic flexibility… boldly punctuated and inventive… sultry… hip.

Worthing Herald

One of the best… following a sell-out performance at the Brighton Festival… and receiving rave reviews, her astonishing vocal range has impressed audiences.

Swindon Evening Post

A jazz singer who takes no prisoners in her set… this is a young lady with a similar uncompromising honesty in her compositions and vocal presentation to that shown by pianist (Stan) Tracey… from the outset she kept to a programme which held the audience… we were privileged… a penchant for Gershwin provided an appreciated contrast.

Ronnie Scott’s

Her lyrics are an insightful reading of a woman’s heart… The ability to ‘vibe’ with piano players gives her an edge over many of her contemporaries … captivating.

Faringdon Jazz Festival, Oxford

My audience need a real mix and she gave them this… for sheer exuberance this was one of the most enjoyable nights ever.

Jazz Review

Exploring overlooked epochs and developing new territories she has her own distinct direction and brings a musician’s understanding of harmony and structure, and imagination and heart to what has been described as an “innate feel for jazz.”


Terrific, an innate feel for jazz, very good with the audience and a wee bit out of the ordinary.  [Sue] ain’t easy listening, far from it... emotional, intense delivery...  There is nothing superficial or wasted as she lives each song as if she was telling a story for the first time  … her technique and control do all … changes that only the most technically astute would even attempt … far from the usual standards vocalist…  Worth seeking out as someone who is far from the usual standards vocalist…

Cumbria Arts

If at the mention of the word ‘jazz’ you fail to turn out for Sue McCreeth you’ll be missing one of the most exceptional singers around. The jazz cognoscenti have been giving Ms McCreeth universal acclaim for the beauty, ambition and originality of her work… her sparkling trio are the cream of the British Jazz Scene… and our audience exceeded our conservative estimate for a J-word evening… on her own material Sue’s distinctive voice swoops, glides and coos… she also paid fine tribute to Nina Simone… and won over the greater proportion of our audience, no mean feat.

Jazz UK

A beautiful piece of work, a small gem of creativity, a voice simultaneously almost ethereal and sensuous and torchy.


Superb, supportive musicians... swings like mad.

Musician Magazine

Her songs are a thing of beauty and I also happen to know she is a very good pianist…  A highly original disc, these are terrific songs, something beautiful… Enchanting.

Feast of Jazz, Preston

Sue McCreeth is a warm, passionate person who approaches music and singing truly from her heart.  She has an individual style and writes all her own arrangements… she can do the straight ahead jazz but is different too… she packed it out and went down very well indeed… she was worth every penny.

Belton House, Lincolnshire

We could have sold out this event three times over and are planning Sue’s next booking as we speak.

Oundle International Festival

Sue stepped in for Claire Martin and she won over our audience… people were saying how much they had enjoyed the music.

Jazz in the Villages, Lincolnshire

It wasn’t long before I found myself deeply captivated by the refreshing style and delivery… her voice soared from low warm depths to dizzy heights… her self-written songs were compelling and so different from the normal range of vocals one hears repeatedly… standards received an original delivery and could have been completely new.

Jazz UK

Young singer McCreeth with an A-list UK Bop band, featuring a consistently startling John Horler on piano … McCreeth applies her plush mid-range and rhythmic flexibility … boldly punctuated and inventive … sultry … hip…

OCTOBER 2012 [about Infinite Sunday]

A fine collection of original trip-hop/jazz fusion performed with incredible high energy and featuring the vocals of jazz songstress Sue McCreeth.

Jazz Kaleidoscope
ALAN MUSSON  / SEP-OCT 2012 [about Infinite Sunday]

It’s been my pleasure to make acquaintance with a wonderful CD, by Infinite Sunday, the brainchild of Sue McCreeth with Ian Salmon and Mike Varty…  Sit back and enjoy this, it’s something rather different featuring the lovely vocals of Sue McCreeth… Great stuff.

Terry Seabrook
AUGUST 2012 [about Infinite Sunday]

Infinite Sunday *** a brand new CD from Sue McCreeth, Mike Varty (keys) and Ian Salmon (guitar). This new album is a delightful exploration of new territory - jazz meets electronic dance. The vocals are blended beautifully with well-produced accompaniment of electronic grooves alongside live keys and guitar playing from Mike and Ian. My particular favourites are Sunday (with a nice harmonic structure) and Cara which has a moody improvised vibe. Sue's vocals are heavenly and she has also contributed lyrics, guitar and piano.

Brighton Argus

Smooth as silk... singer and musician Sue McCreeth is blazing a trail as one of the leading lights in the world of jazz… her sultry and haunting style impressed fellow musicians and audiences… it is a rare thing indeed to be able to catch an internationally recognised artist of [this] calibre.

The Source (Brighton)

The highly acclaimed Sue McCreeth’s velvet zones and astonishing range bring the lyrics to life…  Sumptuous.